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Best Karaoke Spot Orange County 2010 - Durty Nelly's

Durty Nelly\'s

Durty Nelly's

2915 Red Hill Ave.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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During the day, this Irish pub looks like any other Irish pub, but there are hints of more. Take, for example, the relatively wide stage by the windows. Or all the advertising for karaoke nights. Come Friday and Saturday nights, Durty Nelly's is transformed into a jam-packed, raucous sing-along presided over by Weird Al-lookalike Kevin Cable. His show is replete with props, and he's been known to air guitar along as participants cover '80s cheese-metal classics. Cable is so popular you may only get to sing once or twice in a night, but it's plenty fun to gawk.

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This needs a correction- Kevin does not air guitar. He shreds, for real.


Yes! Congrats to Kevin Cable, the best-ever karaoke host!

Kevin Cable
Kevin Cable

Woo Hoo! Thanks OC Weekly! And I love the picture! Your artist has captured my little toy guitar and Guinness perfectly! Cheers!!

Kevin,Your Host with the most