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Best Hardware Store Orange County 2010 - Bay Hardware

Bay Hardware

Bay Hardware

215 Main St.

Seal Beach, CA 90740


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Among the stuccoed corporate-chain home-improvement monoliths—you know, the ones that suck up vast stretches of acreage just for parked cars—there are still a few homegrown, family-manned (and -womanned) hardware stores dotting the OC landscape. Bay Hardware, owned by David and Cynthia Brunjes and run by their peppy, beach-blond daughter Diana, shines like a sheet of aluminum siding in the sun, welcoming Seal Beach residents through its general-store doors for all of their staining, painting, building, screening and key-cutting needs. They also carry a lot of things you can't find at the Orwellian mega-stores and even some novelty kitsch items—like those awesome rubber-band-propelled balsa wood planes and gliders! Open seven days a week with competitive prices and an almost Stepford Wife-friendly staff, Bay Hardware is the only place we get our locks lubed and A-frames hammered.

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Bay Hardware is THE BEST ~!

Lisa Jaenicke
Lisa Jaenicke

I know where to bolt when I lose a lock or strip a screw...Bay Hardware rocks! Honestly, to walk in and get some help with a DYI project is a rare thing these days. Diana and Dustin and crew are the best!