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Best Gym Orange County 2010 - Triathica


26475 Rancho Parkway S.

Tustin, CA 92680


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Readers' Choice: 24 Hour Fitness

Opened in May 2009, Triathica is the only fitness center of its kind in Orange County, as it is dedicated solely to triathlon, the cringe-inducing sport that mixes a brisk swimming race with a long, torturous bike race and running marathon—all back-to-back-to-back. Various types of training are conducted on the center's indoor cycles, treadmills and "endless pool," and programs are tailored for everyone from newbies to seasoned triathletes. Many warm up at Triathica for the annual Ironman triathlon on the Big Island of Hawaii, but one need not be that committed to the sport to use the facilities. Triathica president/head coach Ron Saetermoe and director/coach Jarrett Pflieger will tell you triathlon is a great sport for all ages, sizes and ability levels. And its staff is ready to help anyone who passes through the doors be all they can be.

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Correction: triathlons vary in distance. the word you're looking for is "ironman"