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Best Doughnuts Orange County 2010 - Oh Those Donuts

Oh Those Donuts

Oh Those Donuts

1734 Newport Blvd.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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Goodbye, Krispy Kreme; hello, Oh Those Donuts! The Costa Mesa bakery and deli offers buttery, rich, delectable doughnuts 24 hours a day—even via a drive-through. Whether you're starting off your day or capping off a bibulous night, the yellow-and-red building shines like a beacon of seriously caloric delight. The intoxicating aroma of fried goodness emanates from behind the transparent case; highlights include perfectly sweet vanilla-glazed, iced cinnamon, sugary twists, powdered jelly and, of course, the freshly made bear claw and apple fritter. When faced with fluffy, golden confections coated with thick streaks of chocolate cream and sprinkles, resistance is futile. And don't stop at the doughy treats, either. You can order up a filling sandwich (any way you like it) with some crispy onion rings. Just be prepared with some currency; it's a cash-only operation. This shop raises fried dough to the level of art, and its creations are as enjoyable to gaze upon as they are to eat. Well, almost.

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This place is crap, they couldn't even get an order of half a dozen donuts correct! Missing donuts, things I didn't order, etc. Come on now, I went in on a weekend afternoon, not the middle of the night. The donuts I did get were not fresh tasting, and dripping in oil. Yuck. Plenty of other, better donuts places close by!