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Best Dog Park Orange County 2010 - Dog Park in Huntington Central Park

The dog park within Huntington Central Park has everything you've come to expect: a separation of big and little dogs, disposable "doggie bags," and a large, enclosed area for Fido to run around in. But what separates it from all other dog parks is location, location, location. It's walking distance from Park Bench Café—which has an outdoor dining area for you and your pooch, as well as a separate dog menu—and just a short drive from the Huntington Dog Beach (on Pacific Coast Highway, between 21st and Seapoint streets). So once you've checked out the dog park and its "Doggie Walk of Fame" (and left a donation!), grab some lunch at the Park Bench and head to the beach. Your dog will be so happy he may actually heel.

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This is not a friendly dog park.I had some women beat my puppy this morning. She chased and beat my puppy actually. I told her to stop and she continued. I told her to stop we are leaving and she continued.I said look the puppy is LICKING your dog. She then tried to beat him again. I called the police when she started in with me saying bring it on b _ _ _ h. It is beyond belief that someone would beat a puppy because they do not like the puppy as she so stated. Maybe an article on proper behavior for pet owners in a dog park would be good.SInce my puppy is only 8 months old he can not play with the older bigger dogs. It is too much on him. These other dogs are playing. I do not beat these dogs and assault the owners. I leave. Since my puppy was not doing anything and she so stated she does not like my puppy she should have left. It is also important not to bring dog treats in as was the case this morning. ALL DOGs in the dog park swarm these people when they come in. TO scream and yell and beat dogs is just not acceptable. I for one will not go back to this place. I have a puppy I want to grow up to like people and have a fun time when he is out and about. This dog park is clearly not the place.