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Best Chinese Restaurant Orange County 2010 - Asian Tapas

Asian Tapas

Asian Tapas

6380 Irvine Blvd.

Irvine, CA 92620


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Readers' Choice: P.F. Chang's China Bistro

Peel back that disingenuous name, and you get what the restaurant is really about: impeccably cooked Northern Chinese fare. A lip-numbing slick of chili oil lubricates the wontons. Noodles and soft, tendon-y beef lurk beneath a dark-as-tea soup redolent of anise for a classic niu rou mien. Thousand-year-old egg with bluish yolks and clear-as-aspic albumen ride silken tofu blocks like a parade float. All that's cooked in the kitchen—a space separated from the dining room only by glass panes so you can see its inner workings like the gears of a transparent clock—will be unlike anything you've had elsewhere. Even the wedding-banquet staple of honey-glazed walnut shrimp is immaculate. It's more elegant, more vibrant than at any restaurant that has the words "jade," "dragon" or "panda" in the title.

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Sue Bordeaux
Sue Bordeaux

Asian Tapas is one of our favorite spots to dine. Everytime we've been there the food and service has exceeded our expectations. So we were not surprised to see that they were voted the best Chinese Restaurant in 2010. Way to go!!