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Best Cheesesteak Orange County 2010 - Frank's Philadelphia

Frank\'s Philadelphia

Frank's Philadelphia

2244 Fairview Road

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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This store is definitely deserving of the Philly moniker, despite the lack of Cheese Whiz. Walking into Frank's, you're greeted by Eagles and Flyers pennants, Donovan McNabb pictures (No. 5, you will be missed) and the sounds of sports on the TV. More important, you can smell and see the delicacies that will have you loosening your belt once you get down to business. Their long rolls are filled with succulent chopped-up steak that has been grilled to perfection and covered with your choice of provolone, American, Swiss or cheddar cheese. For the genuine South Philly article, though, get your steak with provolone and fried onions. For the "Works," include some silky mushrooms, or opt for "Frank's Choice," with extra cheese and hot and bell peppers to make a perfect sandwich that satisfies without being too greasy or gooey. If you aren't in the mood for the steaks, the shop has a variety of hoagies including pastrami, roast beef, vegetarian or the Michelangelo (salami, pepperoni, ham, cappacola, provolone and mortadella). Watch out, transplants: This place will get you teary-eyed thinking of home.

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Philly's best is 1000 times better. I grew up in philly and they even use the right rolls -amoroso rolls. Franks's is pretty bad.

Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen

Philly's Best has way better cheesesteak. Frank's puts too much meat on it. Philly's has better balance.Franks has some of the best fries in OC.