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Best Blog Orange County 2010 - Friends for Fullerton's Future

Readers' Choice: Perez Hilton

It's rare to see conservatives take on the Orange County Republican power structure, but that's exactly what this Fullerton-based blog does. Combining juvenile name-calling, actual investigative chops, and a disdain for nearly everything and everyone, Friends for Fullerton's Future's collection of writers generates an arresting, laugh-out-loud read that never bores. Among its gets this year: derailing the Assembly campaign of local GOP heavyweight Dick Ackerman's wife, Linda, by, among other tactics, memorably calling her "Hackerwoman"; showing the hypocrisy of self-professed big-government-hater Matt Cunningham (of OC Blog fame) by posting contracts showing how Cunningham had billed the county nearly half-a-million dollars for actions as mundane as writing press releases touting the use of toothbrushes; and visiting the purported home of Anaheim councilman Harry Sidhu to establish he was a mere carpetbagger who had left his Anaheim Hills estate to be able to run (unsuccessfully) for a seat on the Board of Supervisors. With a tumultuous 2010 election upon us, expect Friends for Fullerton's Future to only increase in venom, laughs and breaking news.

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O C Longhair
O C Longhair

And I thought that Geoff “The Bubbling Cauldron” West had this hands down... maybe next year Geoff. I guess you will need to lower your standards and not be so polite to your fellow bloggers/posters; you may need to “instant publish” instead of holding back the comments from idiots who's vocabulary consist of syllables in the single digits, like their IQs… better luck next year.

The Pot Stirrer
The Pot Stirrer

I'm not complaining, OC Longhair. I can't get greedy - our friends at the OC Weekly selected me a couple years ago, for which I'm very grateful...

The 4F boys REALLY deserve this recognition. They are doing a GREAT community service and the Kelly Thomas story is the cherry on top of the sundae so far this year. Congrats to Tony and the guys for a job well done. Keep it up!