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Best Bagels Orange County 2010 - Bagel Me!

Bagel Me!

Bagel Me!

3533 E. Chapman Ave.

Orange, CA 92869


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Readers' Choice: Shirley's Bagels

The sins committed in the name of bagels on the West Coast are many and legion, but the most egregious sin is to have a weak crust. We were surprised, then, to find OC's best approximation of the official breakfast of New York in a set of North County self-serve bagelries. Bagels ought to take a little bit of work to eat, and these shine with the correct tension in the outer crust. Though Bagel Me! sells a wide range of neo-bagels such as jalapeño, chocolate chip and cinnamon sugar, stick with the traditional varieties. Sesame- and poppy-seed bagels are thoroughly coated; garlic and onion bagels are each topped with a generous helpings of large flakes. Those large onion flakes reappear in excellent bialys, a flatter, chewier bread with an indentation in place of a hole.

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Teddy C.
Teddy C.

most of you don't remember 25 yrs ago but there was a bagel place in Laguna Bch run by 2 New Yorkers who had the best bagel ever around ,but they both yelled at customers and themselves. both baked from back East.....All American Bagel, Hey, Shirley you ripped them off..u old bag.

Raven must stop reading. Bagel Me has the worst bagels in all of Orange County! Mexicans know their way around a bagel like a jew knows their way around a chimichanga! This is a place where dried parsley and a side of cinnamon apples is de riguer on all bagel sandwiches. No thank you.