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Best Angels Player Orange County 2010 - Jered Weaver

Readers' Choice: Torii Hunter

The lanky right-hander is Exhibit A in the case against wins and losses as a worthwhile statistic for pitchers. Last year, Jered Weaver went 16-8 in 33 starts. This year, he went 13-12 in 34 starts. So, he had a better year last year, right? Sure, if you're stoopid. Wins and losses are a team stat; a pitcher can't control whether or not your best hitter breaks his leg stomping on home plate, eviscerating your offense for pretty much the whole year, fer crissakes! So, why was Weaver better this year? Let's look at some real stats: He has always had good control and has continued to not walk guys, but in 2010, his strikeouts were waaaay up (233, good for the American League strikeout crown). His ERA was a tick above 3 runs per game (quite a feat in the AL), and his WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched) was just a few ticks above 1. That's sick. Some see a bit more velocity on his four-seam fastball—which also leads to more swings and misses on his straight change—as the biggest factor here. Others assert that his greater use of his two-seamer helps him keep hitters more off-balance. We've got a better explanation: He finally ditched that Carol Brady flip of blond locks that used to sprout from the back of his cap. Never underestimate the power of a decent haircut.

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