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Best Affordable Art Classes Orange County 2010 - Sugar Skull Workshop at Calacas

Sugar Skull Workshop at Calacas

Sugar Skull Workshop at Calacas

324 W. Fourth St.

Santa Ana, CA 92701


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Calacas is known for its Chicano-themed T-shirts and rare Mexican artesanias, as well as for co-hosting Santa Ana's massive Dia de los Muertos event. What gets it less attention, however, is the store's workshops leading up to the Mexican holiday—lectures, print screenings, even how-tos on making altars, the massive tributes to the faithful departed. But the best class husband-and-wife owners Rudy and Jackie Cordova offer is the one that teaches you how to make skulls out of sugar. For a muy-affordable $3, children and adults alike get a skull mold and a fist-sized calavera designed to your macabre, colorful tastes. And, yes, they are edible, but why ruin a great piece of folk art?

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