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Best Waterfront Dining Orange County 2009 - The Dock

The Dock

The Dock

2816 LaFayette Ave.

Newport Beach, CA 92663


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Readers' Choice: Chimayo At the Beach
The most appropriate way to arrive at the Dock is by Duffy boat. And if you're lucky enough to live on the Balboa Peninsula, you probably are already in possession of one. Park it at the restaurant's, um, dock and greet your neighbors, who will already be waiting for you. The Dock is, above all, a secret, insular neighborhood joint where everybody knows everybody's name, except if one comes from inland, like we do. Take pity on us land-lubbers, oh Peninsulans! We have to troll the cramped side streets looking for that rare parking space. While we can both enjoy the same open-air dining area with the marina view and the stellar food, you get to putter off on a leisurely cruise to your million-dollar home afterward. For us, it's the 55 freeway.
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