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Best Vietnamese Spring Rolls Orange County 2009 - Vietnam Pearl

Vietnam Pearl

Vietnam Pearl

1215 Baker St.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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Available prepackaged for a quick snack or light lunch, the shrimp-only, shrimp-and-pork or tofu-only rolls at Vietnam Pearl are a steal. Because the owners here don't skimp on any of the complementary elements —the requisite cilantro, basil or mint sprigs wedged neatly beside vermicelli noodles, or crunchy, translucent sprouts peeking out alongside pieces of fresh lettuce—the result is a hearty, almost meaty roll that makes for mouthful after mouthful of fresh Vietnamese goodness. At $4 for two oversized rolls and sauce, nothing hits the spot—or complements Pearl's equally satisfying pho—better than these little suckers.
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