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Best Vietnamese Restaurant Orange County 2009 - Oh! Me Ly - CLOSED

Oh! Me Ly

16086 Harbor Blvd.

Fountain Valley, CA 92708


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Readers' Choice: Thuyen Vien
Little Saigon-area restaurants aren't always known for cleanliness, warm settings and pleasant waiters. Yet those less-than-alluring-establishments offer some of the tastiest Vietnamese food. We're elated to report that Oh! Me Ly is a place that combines colorful aesthetic charm and culinary delights. Located just a few miles from the center of Little Saigon, this restaurant has been a relatively hidden jewel enthusiastically cooking up Vietnamese dishes with French and Belgian twists. Patrons include well-to-do Vietnamese businessmen, families and students, plus a smattering of Caucasians. The salmon with tamarind sauce will delight the fish-lovers among you. Oh, and you must try the traditional Vietnamese plate of bac luc lac—tender, seasoned, filet-mignon medallions on a bed of rice.
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Are you sure this is the restaurant you meant to name? Went there and it was NOTHING like this review. Awful, empty, and a very odd menu. The servers were very nice, though.