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Best Thai Restaurant Orange County 2009 - Siam Taste of Asia

Siam Taste of Asia

Siam Taste of Asia

3520 W. First St.

Santa Ana, CA 92703


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Readers' Choice: Royal Thai
Never has a restaurant received so much goodwill for such stunning food yet remained so perpetually desolate, but that's the sad story of this strip-mall Thai treasure. A phenomenon of Yelp, Chowhound and Orange County foodie circles, Siam Taste of Asia distinguishes itself from the giants of local Thai food (Win Thai, Bangkok Taste, Thai Nakorn) by an owner so kind that if America knew of her, Rachael Ray would be selling Dunkin' Donuts off the New Jersey Turnpike. The menu isn't as encyclopedic as most Thai restaurants, but that just means more care in crafting those few dishes: fried tofu with a custard-like center and a crème brulée crust, a breaded sea bass fillet covered with chile peppers and green curry, and noodles that can sear the palate or lull it with sweetness. And if you're nice, there's usually a free dessert of your choice. Visit now to ensure Siam Taste of Asia sticks around.
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