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Best Sunday Brunch Orange County 2009 - Omelette Parlor - CLOSED

Omelette Parlor

Omelette Parlor

179 E. 17th St.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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Readers' Choice: The Slidebar Café
Although it doesn't offer a specific brunch menu, Costa Mesa's Omelette Parlor wins this category just the same. As any true local will tell you, on Sunday or any other day, it's that rare treasure: a breakfast joint that's open well into the afternoon (3 p.m.), where you can order the fluffiest omelets accompanied by the heartiest breakfast potatoes north of the border, and where the coffee is always fresh, strongly brewed but not too bitter and keeps coming, cup after cup. Although this storied Costa Mesa eatery serves lunch, you'd be forgiven for never ordering it. It's all about the folded-egg creations, nearly all of which have bizarre names that make no sense to anyone unfamiliar with decades-old City Hall politics. Take, for example, the Donn Hall Likes It; Coastal Commission Doesn't, a healthy mix of shredded Cheddar and scallions, or the Nate Reade's Right, which includes diced ham, shredded Swiss cheese and chopped tomatoes. But our personal favorite is the Banking On Ken Fowler omelet, which "just like its namesake," has chili con carne, shredded Cheddar and fame. You don't say.
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