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Best Restaurant to Take the Kids Orange County 2009 - The Pike

The Pike

The Pike

1836 E. Fourth St.

Long Beach, CA 90802


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Not to be confused with that taxpayer-subsidized, almost-always-barren-of-tourists monstrosity known as the Pike in Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach's the Pike is a bar and grill owned by Chris Reece, drummer of the famed SoCal punk band Social Distortion. Located on Fourth Street near the Art Theater in the town's hip vintage-boutiques district, the restaurant features a weird mix of nautical flotsam and punk-rock memorabilia. And while it doesn't directly cater to kids—it is mostly a bar, after all—the Pike does have a handy, four-item kids' menu: grilled-cheese sandwich, cheese quesadilla, corn dog, and fish and chips. All come with seasoned, wedge-cut potato fries and cost $3.95, except for the fish and chips, which goes for $4.95. Add to that the complimentary crayons, really friendly staff and the nice, big jukebox full of Johnny Cash, the Pogues, Sonic Youth and, of course, Social D, and you've got all the inspiration you'll need for your aspiring indie rocker.
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Oh Really?
Oh Really?

Uh, actually I'm the person who wrote this item and I didn't get paid shit for doing so and nobody had anything to do with the decision execept me. The reason I wrote it is because I've taken my four-year-old kid to the Pike several times for both lunch and an early dinner and had a great time. Maybe that's because I have a kid who is totally cooler than you. You suck.


why the f()ck this place is the Best Restaurant to Take the Kids. OCweekly must be paid for this advertisement.