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Best Place to Get a Cheap Chinese Version of an Expensive European Scooter Orange County 2009 - The Scooter Solution

The Scooter Solution

The Scooter Solution

2119 Harbor Blvd.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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Shiny new cars are hawked on lots along both sides of Harbor Boulevard in Costa Mesa, although their numbers have been dwindling because of the crappy economy. That makes the Scooter Solution stand out—not just because the sight of shiny, new motorized scooters is so jarring amid the miles of cars, but also because many commuters are looking for affordable alternatives to gas guzzlers. Think about it: These bikes will take you around town for days on just a gallon of gas. The top of the line in the scooter category, of course, is the Vespa of Italy. But those can wallop your bank account, setting you back $4,000 if you are lucky enough to find one that cheap. The Scooter Solution has your solution: rides with styling similar to Vespas at about a quarter of the price. The store carries bikes from Tank Sports and Boreem Motorsports, two of the most reputable distributors of Chinese-manufactured gas scooters in America. Prices on brand-new 50cc scooters start at less than $1,000, 150cc models range from $1,200 to $1,800, and 260cc bikes that resemble most full-blown motorcycles on the road are available for less than $2,800. To encourage more riders, the store picks up the DMV-required safety-course fee for scooter purchasers under age 21—a savings of about $150. And, incredibly, the shop will repair and service any scooter of any brand. Chinese scooters got a bad rap for dependability when they first hit American roads, but like any other vehicle, they have evolved in later years of production and now ride and perform as well as anything out there—for a lot less coin.
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I bought my scooter from The Scooter Solution back in April and I was impressed from the start. They are very honest with there information and they wont try to sell you on something that isn't right for you. I have sent many people there direction when I get stopped on the road and they ask where I got my scooter from. They stay on top of there maintenance charts and have great rates


There is no place better for Motor Scooter shopping in Orange County than 'The Scooter Solution!' Of course, if you're shopping for a pricey new Vespa - go to the Vespa store but otherwise, check this place out for an all around great customer service experience!! Loved the knowledgeable staff and large variety of choices!