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Best Newspaper Reporter Orange County 2009 - Teri Sforza

Few things get us excited more than a determined reporter hot on the trial of corruption. In the case of The Orange County Register's Teri Sforza, she gets extra credit for enduring a smear attack after exposing an unusual and secretive $5.4 million bonus arrangement taken by Professional Community Management (PCI), which runs senior-citizens-loaded Laguna Woods Village. With the aid of an inside source, Sforza published numerous shocking reports that have not only exposed potential financial shenanigans, but also reveal how PCI officials such as Milt Johns abhor public disclosure. One of the best Sforza discoveries was that PCI had crafted an incentive to overestimate specific project costs at the city because it had declared itself entitled to pocket 30 percent of all alleged savings. In a YouTube video of a City Council meeting, a seemingly unhinged Johns called Sforza "biased," ranted about whistleblowers and strongly hinted of a future lawsuit. Good luck, pal. Nice work, Sforza.
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Hi Teri.

I have found one old article of yours, regarding plagiarism and lawsuit vs. film company who with budget of $7,5 million grossed $12,6 million. I have biggest case, where two US film companies, very possible plagiated one registered script of mine and with total budget of $206 million, shot 2 movies and have grossed in the first year right $300,8 million, and over DVD and BLUE RAY grossed about $5oo million till now, and avoided to pay to me anything for that stealing. I have sued all of them, but the court case drags on for several years. If you are interesting for such a case, you can contact me on :

Sincerely, Alex

Peter Daniels
Peter Daniels

Teri, You are absolutely the very best thing to ever happen to OC Reg. You keep it up. You are a breath of fresh air. Dig deep and expose these bastards!! Excellent job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hats' off to you. As Always, I shall remain... Respectfully yours, Peter Daniels, Costa Mesa


Hi Teri, The other day Maria Fritz from the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility sent me the list of educators (mostly administrators) receiving $100,000 plus pensions. I read the names of everyone from Capistrano Unified and found a few teachers names on it. Tuesday I went to a funeral and bumped into a teacher friend whose name was on that very list. I asked her about the approximate $110,000 she was listed as receiving. She replied, "Yes, that makes me look really rich, doesn't it. Well, my husband died a few months ago and that amount includes both my pension and his." They each took the option to accept less on a monthly basis so that the pension would continue that way if one or the other died. I think the list is therefore, quite misleading to the public. I am just trying to keep everything truthful. I agree that some pensions are way out of whack and need reforming. I do not agree that ALL pensions need reforming. Carole Allen (949( 922-0011