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Best Live Band Orange County 2009 - The New Limb

Readers' Choice: Disguster
Being in a rock band is supposed to be fun, and few local bands seem to be having as much fun as Costa Mesa's the New Limb, who imbue their sets with a sense of genuine passion and pleasure that an audience really has no choice but to appreciate. Whether it's filling the stage with streamers in celebration of a band member's or friend's birthday, performing one of their many excellently executed covers ("The Weight," "Just Like Heaven" or "Twist and Shout," to name a few currently in rotation), or guitarist Dan Perez's wild solos on the tune "Autumn Leaves," no two New Limb shows are quite the same—as they illustrated with their five Detroit Bar-residency shows this past June. They bring this joie de vivre no matter the venue, whether they're busking for puzzled passersby at the OC Super Fair or at a packed House of Blues.
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