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Best Italian Restaurant Orange County 2009 - Cafe Piccolo

Cafe Piccolo

Cafe Piccolo

3222 Broadway

Long Beach, CA 90803


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Readers' Choice: Pizzeria Ortica
Cafe Piccolo is an Italian restaurant in name, and it does offer plenty of familiar Italian specialties—but not spaghetti or meatballs. The owner is Persian-born. The dining areas are lit like it's perennially Christmas. And in the food, you'll find Thai nam prik, Spanish salsa and tequila. Gay-friendly and romantic for all, there is an outdoor patio with a trickling garden fountain. Your date will be impressed you're not above a little old-fashioned wooing. The spice in their delectable lentil soup is Indian, but the spice in your evening will be what you'll be having for dessert. Wink.
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