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Best Hair Salon Orange County 2009 - Ability Hair Design

Ability Hair Design

Ability Hair Design

688 Baker St., Ste. 6A

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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Though it can take forever to secure an appointment with your stylist of choice—we highly recommend Minako—Ability Hair Design brings the best and latest hair technology out of Japan right to Costa Mesa. These stylists do exactly what you want, make it better, and won't charge you a squillion bucks like those South County salons. Be sure to bring a photo of what you're looking for; the English here can be limited. Ability is also the only salon in the county to offer digital perms—a healthier body-wave perm to achieve that perfect beach hair. Most places charge $500-plus . . . Ability? Around $200. Trust.
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Does anybody know what the best hair salon is for kids? Tired of Supercuts erratic cuts.