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Best Culinary Bring-It-On Orange County 2009 - El Pollo Loco's Anti-KFC TV Ads

The Crazy Chicken is the rare fast-food ethnic chain with legitimate roots: It was started in Mexico by Mexicans before taking its charbroiled bird to Americans. So you can imagine its anger when fried-chicken behemoth KFC began selling grilled chicken. And when the going got tough, these Costa Mesa-based mothercluckers got snarky. Out went the commercials with a lousy Latin lover; in came CEO Stephen Carley with a series that consistently humiliated KFC by offering a culinary throwdown à la Bobby Flay that went unanswered before revealing that KFC employees posed as consumers in taste tests between the two. The ultimate burn, however, came when KFC admitted to using a beef glaze in its grilled chicken. Go to YouTube to see Carley in the best CEO commercial since the ones involving WWE's Vince McMahon.
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