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Best Bartender Orange County 2009 - Brad Bogle

Brad Bogle

Brad Bogle

16812 Pacific Coast Highway

Sunset Beach, CA 90742


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With his handlebar mustache and polite smile, the man standing behind the brass bar at Captain Jack's restaurant for the past 15 years is anything but average. Serving top-shelf booze to the tune of the lounge-pianist du jour, Brad Bogle has been serving wealthy Orange Countians their dry martinis for so long he's become a staple of the ritzy restaurant that serves all those overpriced crab legs. Always quick to shoot the shit with stories about his daughter or whatever sports team he's rooting for this season, Bogle might as well start calling himself the captain because he steers us into the dimly lit bar every time.
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No dinner at bar and no food orders to go allowed.  Whats up with that?