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Best Bar In Orange County Orange County 2009 - Memphis at the Santora - CLOSED

Memphis at the Santora

Memphis at the Santora

201 N. Broadway

Santa Ana, CA 92701


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Readers' Choice: Rudy's Pub & Grill
The SanTana outpost of the Memphis chain might not have the dive-bar cachet of its Costa Mesa mami, what with its expansive booths, bright lights and prime real-estate spot in the Artists' Village. But it gets the job done and then some: affable bartenders with their own county cults (Johnny Sampson, Dave Mau) who prepare drinks that veer from genteel (for the ladies) to stiffer-than-plywood; late-night menus that forsake the traditional leftovers for the gourmet standards of Memphis executive chef Diego Velasco; and the proper mix of hipsters, out-of-towners, politicos, locals and the occasional cholos, punks, rockabillies and wabs who make life in the county seat so damned enjoyable.
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Howard be my name
Howard be my name

Thanks for recognizing Johnny Sampson. He is truly a god among bartenders.