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Best View Orange County 2008 - Newport Coast Drive South

Got a recently frozen or drenched East Coast visitor who wants to feel the cool sensation of arriving in coastal Orange County? From the 73 toll road, exit at Newport Coast Drive (fork over the $1.75 toll first, of course) and go south. On both sides of the road, they'll see the handiwork of Don Bren, the richest man in these parts. Bren has built fabulous, gated estate communities for the wealthy, including Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and horror author Dean Koontz. Also check out the road's landscaping. Not cheap—and it sets the stage for the California crescendo. You'll reach a peak in the road where you'll tower over the sparkling Pacific Ocean, and then feel the exhilarating descent toward PCH and Crystal Cove State Beach.

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C Lowrey
C Lowrey

Actually, back in SoCal for a second sojourn, after our second residency in the Caribbean, we still all affirm that the substantial structures where the Newport Coast Drive meets the PCH are definitely The Monuments To Money. We christened them in 2004 and they have not changed... only what was a rather expensive but lovely public golf course nearby is now the centre of an overpriced resort... so maybe the Monuments DO have a magnetic influence after all!