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Best Undisclosed Location Orange County 2008 - Riviera Adult Motel

Riviera Adult Motel

2723 S. El Camino Real

San Clemente, CA 92672


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Bonin' is serious business. So serious that several businesses have actually popped up serving people looking to get serviced. No, seriously! The classiest of the genre is the Riviera Adult Motel in San Clemente. Since 1975, this local gem has catered to consenting adult couples looking to get busy with several theme rooms, large bathtubs, toys, complimentary adult movies and more! The location is extremely clean and secure, they only allow couples in—sorry, swingers!—and they diligently check IDs at the door to weed out the youngsters and hookers. So grab your best friend with benefits and head on down.

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i love this motel and have stayed their many times. but whats up with the phone number? its a fax and i have been unable to locate a phone number thru 411 or the yellow pages. if anyone has a current phone number pls e-mail me the info. thanks.


To bad they dont know how to pick up the phone so one can make a reservation!! I had to fax a note saying to call me before I ever spoke to anyone!