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Best Smoke Shop Orange County 2008 - The Glass Garden

The Glass Garden

17841 Beach Blvd.

Huntington Beach, CA 92647


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Huntington Beach, with its emphasis on surf/beach culture and its beautiful, psychedelic sunsets, is arguably the smoke capital of Orange County. Which means that any smoke shop within the city limits needs to be quality to survive. The Glass Garden features an outstanding and unique selection of truly quality glassware with which to smoke your favorite non-felonious flavored-tobacco blend; many of the pieces are remarkable examples of the art of glassblowing in and of themselves. We like our art to have form and function, after all. The staff is friendly and not sketched-out like some of your lesser smoke shops. And the products are American-made, so you can feel patriotic and subversive at the same time. But here's our dirty little secret: In addition to its obvious quality as a smoke shop, the Glass Garden is located only a few doors down from Condom Revolution, so if your post-smoke mind tends to wander toward the sensual pleasures, you can plan out a pretty mind-blowing night and only have to remember where you parked your car once.

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