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Best Service In a Restaurant Orange County 2008 - Go Goo Ryeo

Go Goo Ryeo

Go Goo Ryeo

8851 Garden Grove Blvd.

Garden Grove, CA 92844


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Forget those tony, overpriced restaurants where great service is expected. Our kudos for best service goes to a place where there really shouldn't be any: a Korean barbecue spot. These establishments are, by their very definition, supposed to be DIY. Not so at Go Goo Ryeo. Go when they aren't too busy—say, a typical weeknight, and they'll hover over your table the whole evening, cook each piece of meat to your liking (the best deal is the $50 meal for two), ladle soup into your bowl, even instruct you on how to eat it all. It's like you've got a Benihana chef all to yourself, without the silly tricks and the goofy hats.

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