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Best Rustic Campsite Orange County 2008 - El Moro Canyon

El Moro Canyon

El Moro Canyon

El Moro Canyon Road and Pacific Coast Highway

Newport Beach, CA 92657


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Don't make the mistake of showing up at this Crystal Cove State Park campsite expecting to pitch a tent on the beach, a few hundred yards from your car. The beauty of El Moro Canyon, the friskier and rarely explored side of Crystal Cove, is that you have to work (about a 3-mile climb up from the beach with all your stuff) in order to appreciate the gorgeous ocean views, wide sky and cool breeze once you reach your designated camp. There are three different hills with three different camping areas. If you're looking for a quiet, RV-free spot that is a throwback to what camping used to be like before modernity stepped in and made everything too convenient, take a hike up El Moro.

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