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Best Rocker Bar Orange County 2008 - The Juke Joint

The Juke Joint

The Juke Joint

735 N. Anaheim Blvd.

Anaheim, CA 92805


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Every good rocker bar needs not only a steady stream of dudes clad in tight jeans and leather vests, but also a dose of the lovely rocker-chick aesthetic: a mix of 1950s girliness (red lipstick, very high heels, sky-high bouffants) and modern-day feminist rebel (select body piercings and fiery tattoos). The Juke Joint has both, all hanging out in a long, narrow, boxcar-shaped, predominantly black space that offers great views of the axe-wielding ass-kickers on stage. (DJs? What are those?) And the rawk goes down much smoother with one of those huge, cold bottles of $6 Croatian beer from the Joint's lively bartenders.

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