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Best Rock Band Orange County 2008 - The Growlers

The Growlers sound best playing out of your garage. Drawing influences mainly from the music of the late '60s (was there a lot of music going on during that decade? We can't recall hearing any), the Growlers lay their twangy guitar lines over grooving bass and no-nonsense percussion. "Her Command," off their cheekily named debut album, Greatest Hits, swaggers like the best of (other local faves) Grand Elegance, with maybe a hint of Del Shannon—and sure, we'll go ahead and say there's a little bit of the Doors in what they do as well, but don't let that scare you. Stripped of hippie excess and self-consciously poetic lyrics, the Doors had some good jams, and the Growlers know enough to borrow only the very best.

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