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Best Really, Really Expensive Thrill Orange County 2008 - Space Trip

Space Trip

12373 Lewis St.

Garden Grove, CA 92840


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Why buy a third Ferrari with the extra $200,000 you've got sitting around when you now have the opportunity to do something really special? Yes, we're talking space travel here. We're not kidding. Microsoft billionaire Richard Allen and Richard Branson, the inventive celebrity/billionaire/balloonist and founder of Virgin Atlantic Airlines, are building the SpaceShipTwo, a craft that will take rich folks 62 miles into space for spectacular orbits around Earth at maximum speeds of 2,600 mph. Don't be afraid: It'll have a high-intensity heat shield for re-entry, and if things go terribly wrong, you can scream along with the other five paying customers who'll occupy the 12-foot cabin. Why the hesitancy? It's easy to make a reservation with two OC travel agents as official contacts.

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