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Best Pub Orange County 2008 - Branagan's



213 N. Harbor Blvd.

Fullerton, CA 92831


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For steady drinkers in Downtown Fullerton, Branagan's is the perfect place to bring out the Irish in ya. Wedged in the thick of trendy nightspots and frat-boy watering holes, Branagan's offers the quintessential comfort of a neighborhood bar, one that pays attention to the culture of the old country. It's nice to know that there's at least one place where you can settle down for a pint and some conversation without having to scream over a barrage of Top 40 club anthems. The kitchen is open into the evening and serves a mix of Irish and New World snacks and entrées at prices that won't suck up too much of your green. And as for the things you really care about, their wall of beer taps host some of the finest authentic ales in downtown Fullerton. If you're into something stronger, their whiskey selection is also a force to be reckoned with.

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Best Bar! What a Joke!...I'd rather walk three blocks from there and head down to the Olde Ship where there are actual Irish and British people behind the bar. My girlfriend ordered a Snakebite and they had no idea what she was talking about.


I agree with the first poster. The best thing about Brannagan's is that you can get in and have a drink when all the other bars have lines. The beer is more expensive than the Continental Room, and not nearly the selection at Heroes.

Best in OC?It's not even the best bar on its block.


I totally agree. My friends and me go there all the time. It is a great place to get way from that entire "club" scene of downtown. Food is amazing, so many beers and whiskeys to chose from and the service is good. Good choice!!!


are u kidding!!NO HAPPY HOUR! EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE. i heard they turned down doing a beerpong tourny... i mean do they not like to make money??the only good thing about this place is that it is always dead!