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Best Place to Get Towed Orange County 2008 - Irvine

A certain few people we (and probably you) know have received tickets and been towed just for leaving their cars out for a day or two at a time. A certain person we know, however, also bribed a tow-truck driver $60 in exchange for getting his Honda back. So. Staying with a friend in Irvine? Be sure to keep some cash on you.

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Big Al
Big Al

I have lived in South Orange County for over 25 years and have two occassions to have mis-haps with the local law, both in Irvine and both resulted in getting towed. Each was for a registration violation, expired tags. Both times I was towed, both times it cost me about $400.00 in end to get everything cleared up and released. I can tell you this, if you drivem, which most everyone does in Orange County, stay out of the City of Irvine. If you have a paint chip, ding, torn tag, dirt on your car....anything at all that could possibly appear out of place on your vehicle, they'll find a reason to ticket you and if possible get that vehicle towed. Irvine has Traffic Cops first and Police second. Somebody has to pay for Larry Agran.