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Best Picnic Spot Orange County 2008 - Hilltop Park

Hilltop Park

2351 Dawson Ave.

Signal Hill, CA 90755


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On most days, you'll see nothing here but smog—Los Angeles, after all. But Hilltop Park, at the tiptop of Signal Hill, has the very best views in the county. On a clear day, which, sorry to say, isn't all too often these days, you'll be able to see right out to the ocean, Catalina and Los Angeles County. Best of all, the park never gets too crowded, just a few scattered couples on benches and maybe a lady walking a Shih Tzu or two. Telescopes, sculpture installations and even a mist tower are around the park, and the place is even known for being a geocache hot spot. There are also plenty of clean benches and tables, but we prefer bringing a blanket to picnic on—no dog poop here! If you're with the kids, we'd probably head home sometime around 6 p.m., lest you want to risk them seeing some preteens making out (gross). Tip: Police usually drop by at 9 or 10 p.m. to give patrons the boot.

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You know Signal Hill in NOT in OC, don't you?