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Best Pho Orange County 2008 - Pho Dakao

Pho Dakao

Pho Dakao

15532 Ward St.

Garden Grove, CA 92843


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Seemingly every third restaurant in Little Saigon sells pho, but few specialize in pho ga—chicken pho, a gentler, sweeter take on the Vietnamese soup. What distinguishes the smallish diner Pho Dakao from the hundreds of other pho palaces is the chicken itself—slaughtered that day at a sister company that sells live chickens a couple of blocks over. The difference between freezer hen and the fresh, just-plucked deal is as easy to taste as the difference between real horchata and the stuff frat boys make with powder. The chicken chunks also contribute to the broth—this is the chicken soup Campbell's could never quite master. Pho Dakao also offers a great beef pho.

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