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Best Parking Structure Orange County 2008 - Mickey & Friends Parking Structure at Disneyland

Mickey & Friends Parking Structure at Disneyland

Mickey & Friends Parking Structure at Disneyland

1313 S. Harbor Blvd.

Anaheim, CA 92802


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Yes, it's the happiest parking structure on Earth. Built in 2000 to hold more than 10,000 vehicles, this monster of a parking lot is not only the most magical place to park your car, but also the most efficient in all of Orange County. In a time when other parking lots, like those at the Irvine Spectrum, take cars on daring adventures around and around, bringing them precariously close to crashing and offering exciting twists and turns to people of all ages, the Mickey & Friends parking structure offers a direct exit from every level, expertly placed traffic cones, friendly attendants trained to wave even the most impossibly sized cars neatly into a spot, and the cartoon faces of America's favorite rodents plastered on its walls. Yes, in a world of craziness and disorder, the Mickey & Friends parking structure, once honored with the title of largest parking lot in North America, offers simplicity and peace of mind for just $12 per visit.

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Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson

I actually used to work for Disney and this is a huge parking structure! Who cares about the size of it though, this is an awesome spot to watch the fireworks if you don't wanna deal with the morons in the park! Skip Disney, take a girl out to dinner and just bring her to the top of the structure. You can call it a "recession date"!