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Best Nature Trail Orange County 2008 - Holy Jim Canyon

Holy Jim Canyon

Holy Jim Canyon


Coto De Caza, CA 92679

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Readers' Choice: El Dorado Nature Center, Long Beach

Finding a cool natural pool and serene waterfalls in the middle of a deep, hot canyon after hiking along a wooded trail dotted by a few rustic, self-powered wooded cabins and giant oaks is Holy Jim's reward. Getting to the trailhead can be a little bumpy because the road leading to the trail is unmaintained and full of potholes. But once you make it, you can saunter along the historic trail under the shade of big oaks while crossing streams that become a bit trickier as you progress, but eventually lead to the falls. The trail was named after an old beekeeper who settled in the north fork of Trabuco canyon in the 1870s and who had a penchant for cussing. Government surveyors who first mapped the canyon chose to go with the more decent-sounding "Holy Jim" rather than "Cussin' Jim" Trail.

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