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Best Late-Night Dining Orange County 2008 - Rooster Cafe

Rooster Cafe

Rooster Cafe

750 Saint Clair St.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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Readers' Choice: Harbor House Cafe, Sunset Beach

After closing down the clubs, pretty much any place still serving food—especially breakfast—is wonderfully gratifying, right? Unfortunately, night owls usually only have random fast food franchises or nasty Denny's to pick from. Then along came Rooster. During the weekend, this diner is open until 3 a.m. The décor isn't much to look at with those bleary eyes (bare and minimal, with aluminum chairs), but the menu is full-range from sandwiches to salads, and everything's under $9. But what Rooster is most famous for is the breakfast burritos. Choose either bacon or sausage, and you get a jumble of heaven with cheese and crispy potatoes wrapped in a warm tortilla. Need another reason why this place is so awesome? Every table comes with its own bottle of Tapatio.

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The place is ok, but not the best late night place.


What the hell?! Harbor House is way better than this place and they are open past 3 - they never close! Plus why sit in crappy uncomfortable chairs when you can sit in comfy booth at Harbor House Cafe! Duh its a no brainer!!