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Best Homemade Chocolate Orange County 2008 - C. Salt Gourmet

Courtney Dudman Donley worked at the Gypsy Den for years before deciding to follow her dreams: creating gourmet chocolates. The result is C. Salt Gourmet, which will redeem your faith in the transformative powers of sweets. Working with fresh ingredients from the comfort of her Long Beach kitchen, Donley crafts irregular squares laden with pistachios, berries and other odd, delicious flavors. The key to her chocolate's charms, however, is the namesake—sea salt. If you think mixing the mineral with chocolate is weird, just bite into a sample—the Gypsy Den gives some away until they're gone, which means go now—and feel the sea salt's slight sweetness combine with the other sensations into liquid bliss.

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Gourmet Chocolates Lover
Gourmet Chocolates Lover

I have done some experiments with chocolate, but I have never thought about combining it with sea salt, sounds a little weird but I will have to try it out. I have worked with sea salt before, but never with chocolate, I hope that I can mix it with my gourmet chocolates too.