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Best Boba Orange County 2008 - Cha for Tea

Cha for Tea

Cha for Tea

5720 E. Seventh St.

Long Beach, CA 90803


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Boba, or tapioca-pearl tea, is now as familiar as the Frappuccino. But unlike the blended concoction, a perfect boba tea isn't so easy to come by. At Cha for Tea, the boba balls are consistently plump and soft, and they absorb just enough of your tea's liquid to give them a tailored taste. The secret to Cha's success, it seems, is their willingness to accommodate any kind of drink to go with your boba: blended, iced, hot, with soy milk, with ice cream, whatever. And the bigger secret may be the addition of an old-school ingredient not always found in the chewy, cassava-based pearl standard: sweet potato.

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