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Best Beer Selection Orange County 2008 - Ye Olde Ship

Ye Olde Ship

Ye Olde Ship

709 N. Harbor Blvd.

Fullerton, CA 92832


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Readers' Choice: Goat Hill Tavern, Costa Mesa

This fine pub made our list for Best Burger last year—Weekly staff are still arguing whether its kosher to even contemplate ordering the peppery Captain's Burger rather than fish and chips or black pudding at a British pub—but what really draws the crowd is the bar. Red-blooded, American Bud drinkers, be warned: Ye Olde Ship is not for you. The frothy, bitter ales, stouts and lagers this place serves up is to beer what single-malt scotch is to watered-down whiskey. We recommend London Pride, Boddington's and Guinness, in that order (as in, consecutively), while watching football on the flat-screen and ignoring that nasty pain in the gulliver you'll have in the morningtime, govnah.

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Are you guys fucking nuts? How did a bar that carries LESS than 25 beers(including bottles!) get voted "Best Beer Selection"???? Better fire the infiltrating blinkered Brit who rigged this vote. Best beer selection should include ALL kinds of beer from everywhere. Thats what a Best Beer SELECTION would mean. The Yard House and other such beer venues should be the obvious choices...Now Bottle up, I know there are many other pubs and breweries to go and get bladdered at.