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Best Art Gallery Show Orange County 2008 - 'Roll for a Cure' at Grand Central Art Center's Rental and Sales Gallery

This show was awesome in at least three ways. Featuring plaster casts of the bare breasts of the OC RollerGirls derby team, it was awesome as pure (ahem) titillation. It was also surprisingly awesome as fine art; the casts had been gorgeously decorated by various local artists, with work ranging from the campy fun of the Elvis makeover Ivanna S. Pankin gave to skater Disco Dervish's double-Ds to the creepy beauty of Thomas Griego's re-imagining of skater Jacqueline Hyde's chest as a kind of Alice in Wonderland playset. Finally, the proceeds went to the Breast Cancer Angels and the Keep-a-Breast Foundation, so the show was also an awesome charity project. When something works as smut, fine art and charity, that's a whole lot of awesome in one place.

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WOW!!! Such an honor- we are so happy to get this nod with so many great shows this year. I'm happy that we were a good fit with Grand Central and we love them for allowing us to bring our busts in to raise $ for a great cause- Looking forward to the next Roll For A Cure!! Please support your local oc roller girls-!

Bill Bowman
Bill Bowman

I wish I could have seen the show. I did have the honor of hosting a brunch for the OCRG the day after their bout here against the Big Easy Roller Girls. As a thank you, "KellKat" Bristol recently gifted me with a "bust" crafted by her husband, Sean. It's magnificent!

Bill Bowman, New Orleans

Jacquelyn Hyde #420
Jacquelyn Hyde #420

Wow...what a great honor to be mentioned in the best art gallery show in Orange County!!! This was such a fun project, and for such a great cause! Thank you so much to the Grand Central Art Center for hosting our boobies! And much love and thanks to the best boyfriend ever, Thomas Griego! xoxo, Rebecca DayAKA OC Roller Girl Jacquelyn Hyde #420


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