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Best Sports Bar Orange County 2007 - Regina’s Restaurant

Reginaís Restaurant

Regina’s Restaurant

11025 Westminster Ave.

Garden Grove, CA 92843


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Why settle for buffalo wings and cheap domestic beer when you?re watching the most refined recreational endeavor known to humankind: F?tbol! (That?s Spanish for soccer, amigo.) At Regina?s, you can dine on fine Argentinean, Spanish, Italian and Greek cuisine and guzzle a first-class rioja or Quilmes while watching your favorite World Cup soccer, Premier League or Copa Libertadores matches. Don?t miss the delightful panqueques (slightly burned sweet cr?pes served with dulce de leche) and the tortilla ? la espa?ola (a quiche-like potato-and-pepper pie with Spanish sausage). On nights when Argentinean teams are playing, the place is crawling with expatriates, so be careful how you cheer: Few soccer rivalries are as intense as the one within Buenos Aires between fans of Boca Juniors and River Plate.
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Horrible just plain Horrible Terrible food Terrible service and Terrible Prices Keep looking.....or settle for Taco Bell there are no signs of it being any type of Sports Bar you are better of going to a Mexican Cantina lol....