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Best Signature Cocktail Orange County 2007 - The Flirtini at the Clubhouse

All right, fellas, the ladies and metros already know about this one. Let?s see if you?re man enough to handle a pink martini. Yeah? What about a pink martini with a gummy fish? We?re talking about the Flirtini, a secret concoction found at the Clubhouse that?s quite possibly the tastiest little drink on the planet. Just try to re-create it sometime; you may get good and plastered, but trust us, you won?t succeed. Stoli Raspberry, champagne and some juices are involved. The result is a sweet-but-not-too-sweet little darling that?s so smooth it?s dangerous. So here?s your winner, in all its pink and foofy glory?how appropriate for the land of frilly decadence.
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