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Best Rock Club Orange County 2007 - Detroit Bar - CLOSED

Detroit Bar

Detroit Bar

843 W. 19th St.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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Readers' Choice: Detroit Bar
This Costa Mesa fixture is really three clubs in one. There?s the semi-intimate main room, where rock bands rock; there?s the sleek, stylish lounge area, where one can hear rock bands rocking, or listen and/or dance to DJs deejaying, and/or get one?s drink on, and/or buy band merch; and, finally, there?s the homey back room, where one can play tunes on the digital jukebox and watch rock bands on television screens and shoot pool, or engage in the ancient art of conversation without wrecking vocal cords as one tries to be heard over the din of rock bands rocking. Linking the main room with the lounge is a huge, crooked-horseshoe-shaped bar. From the bar, one can both watch rock bands rocking directly or on a television screen. Finally, more sofas per square foot sit in this place than in a Levitz showroom. Aside from the superlative blueprint, Detroit Bar also boasts one of the county?s finest sound men, Ken Tustison. This veteran knob-twiddler is actually someone with whom you wouldn?t mind sharing a drink and geeking out to music trivia. Detroit Bar also embraces musical diversity. Every last Saturday, Abstract Workshop puts on a hip-hop seminar, with world-class talent regularly wrecking (work)shop. And every Tuesday and Wednesday, those whippersnappers with their crazy turntables and Seratos and (you?re not gonna believe this) vinyl bust out the fresh dance tunes that help you to bust moves, with the Kat Step and Busy Work nights, respectively. And, if you like to laugh, you can head to the joint early on Tuesdays for We Know Funny comedy showcases. Oh, you don?t like to laugh? Then hit Detroit?s Sunday night karaoke shindigs. Detroit?s brain trust?owners Dan Bradley, Jon Reiser, Diego Velasco, Mike Harris and Scott Hamilton, as well as talent booker Chris Fahey?has connections, see. Detroit?s executives use their power for good, and OC?s music scene is much richer for it.
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Detroit bar lives up to it's namesake. Detroit Bar sits in the corner of a dark and dank strip mall in the heart of Costa Mesa. As it's name suggests, the bar caters to the working class smegma that lurk the backstreets of Costa Mesa. The place tries to have a cozy, loungy atmosphere but tends to make a mockery of it instead. The "dance floor" has no seats so you'll just stand around waiting for your next drink at the tiny bar. There is even a cover charge on Friday/Sat nights! If you have nothing happening in your life, this place is for you!