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Best Raw Food Restaurant Orange County 2007 - Good Mood Food Café

Leave your expectations at the door when you enter the tiny Zen space at Good Mood Food Caf?. Don't let the idea of "raw" discourage you, though?what you'll find here is scrumptious, unusual and energizing. Diners can munch on vigorous salads, their own sandwich creations, or such Good Mood favorites as Ursula's Famous Nutburger (a hearty patty of mashed raw vegetables and nuts piled high, with just-ripe slices of avocado, date-carmelized onions, pickles and plenty of greens). Save room for dessert: You'll be amazed at how good an apple pie pressed into a nut "crust" can taste without an ounce of wheat, milk or eggs.
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Kids Behealthy
Kids Behealthy

Raw foo specialty in a cafe is not a bad thing. There are lots of cafe these days offers raw foods because there are lots of people who are now more into raw diets. I myself doesn't eat raw foods at first but then as I taste green smoothies I am drag to eating nothing but raw.


This place is absolutely amazing, their gourmet dishes are very tasty, the staff is helpful and friendly, and prices are reasonable. Highly recommend.