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Best Place to Stay Until Last Call Orange County 2007 - Hennessey's Grill

Hennessey\'s Grill

Hennessey's Grill

143 Main St.

Seal Beach, CA 90740


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For more than 23 years, Hennessey’s has been the watering hole of choice for Seal Beach locals, with its roomy bar, dark wood and forest-green décor. The salty ocean breeze is a nice touch, too, as it wafts in from the beach, a stone’s throw from the front patio. In fine Irish tradition (along with the attraction to all things Guinness), Hennessey’s has a knack for getting its patrons absolutely wasted, especially those night owls who like to drink until the wee hours. Should this be you, a DUI may not necessarily be in your future. Hennessey’s is stumbling distance from Shore House Cafe, a quaint little noshery open 24 hours. After closing down the bar, the inebriated have a chance to sober up with some deliciously greasy food and strong coffee.
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