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Best Place to Get Drunk Orange County 2007 - Fling Cocktail Lounge

There?s no better place to get drunk than a skeezy dive bar. Except, perhaps, a skeezy dive bar with a one-man cover band. Eddie Day is a very large, mulleted man who perches himself in the center of the dimly lit bar, plays guitar and sings cover songs every Friday and Saturday night. Day has a loyal following of forty- and fiftysomething barflies who adore him, singing along and swaying drunkenly to his music. If there?s no room at the bar, brown vinyl booths along the walls allow you to sit and watch the spectacle. The bartenders and waitresses are super-sweet, and smoking cigarettes is warmly welcomed. With its ?70s red wallpaper and wood paneling, the Fling is totally charming (in a toothless, white-trash kind of way), and not one person is going to pass judgment on what you?re wearing?or drinking.
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